Your Chance to #OwnTheMedia @positivenewsuk

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Positive News is launching a Community Share Offer. This is your chance to become one of its owners and help change the news for good.

For the last 22 years Positive News has pioneered global journalism that shines a light on kindness, cooperation, creativity and innovation. They’ve brought stories of positive change to hundreds of thousands of people and increasingly, they are inspiring other media as well.

But, like every news organisation, they have to adapt. They need to innovate to become sustainable and to meet the growing demand for their journalism. And just like they have pioneered a more positive form of journalism, they are now pioneering a new way to run a media business.

They’re becoming the first crowdfunded global media cooperative; owned by their readers and journalists. And they want you to be part of it!

Wherever you are in the world you can buy shares from as little as £50 if you invest before 8th July 2015. In the first 10 days they have already achieved 45% of their £200,000 target! I’ve invested, will you?

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Good News & Goodbye!


I was really pleased to spot an article in the Brighton & Hove Independent last month entitled ‘That’s Good News!: The Argus will try to look on the Bright Side of Life’. It seems that sales have declined from 100,000 to less than 6,000 copies a day, and the Argus have identified that their depressing focus on drink, drugs, crime, violence and traffic chaos might have something to do with it! They have promised to print at least two articles a day that are uplifting. I see that as progress 🙂

It’s been almost a year since I began this project and I hope that during that time I’ve helped to demonstrate that good things do happen even if they don’t always feature very prominently in the newspapers. I now find that I’m busier than ever and am unable to publish news items on any sort of a regular basis, so I’ve regretfully decided to end this blog. A big thank you to all of you for reading my blog, to Jolly Good News for re-blogging some of my posts, and to fellow blogger Imi for the awesome painting of my adorable cat!

Please consider following Jolly Good News and/or subscribing to Positive News.

painting by: Imi Woods

Florist Re-Kindles Romance in Mogadishu


For the last 20 years the Somali capital of Mogadishu has been synonymous with war and suffering – and yet this year, 25 year-old Mohamed Mohamoud Sheik opened the country’s first florist!

Sheik’s aim is to bring back romance to the city and enable young couples to rekindle the courtship rituals of their parents. He also plans to beautify the city with trees, green spaces and children’s playgrounds, and has already set up a dry cleaning company that donates a percentage of its profits to charity.

photo by: Steve Larkinson

My New ‘Baby’

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A children’s picture book! After 6 years I’ve finally published the book that I created from a series of awesome photos taken by my husband of a family of baby swallows in their nest. This is very exciting news for us, but unfortunately it means that I’m going to be very busy over the next few months and am not going to have time to post many updates on this blog.

If you’d like a chance to win one of the copies of Little Bird Lost that we’re giving away then please visit or

I hope to resume weekly updates on It’s Good News Week as soon as possible. Keep well 🙂

64-Year-Old Woman Completes 103 Mile Swim

image by Jacques Descloitres

After almost 53 hours, 64-year-old Diana Nyad successfully completed her fifth attempt in 35 years and became the first person to swim from Cuba to Florida without a shark cage.

She was 8 years old when she first dreamed about swimming across the Straits of Florida, and 29 when she first tried the swim. She demonstrates now that “you can dream at any age”.

image by: Jacques Descloitres

Clean Up The World Weekend

image by Marvel (based upon a NASA image)

This weekend (20th-22nd Sep), now in its 21st year, CUTW 2013 will include such activities as planting trees, cleaning parks or beaches, conserving water or running environmental awareness-raising and education initiatives – whatever the local need might be.

It began in 1987 when Ian Kiernan, having seen the devastating effects of rubbish and pollution, decided it was time to take action. In 1990 the first national, community-based clean up day was organised in his home country of Australia. In 1993 Clean Up the World was launched with the support of the United Nations Environment Programme and 30 million people in 80 countries were mobilised.

image by: Marvel (based upon a NASA image)

Peace Day 2013

Peace One Day concert

A week from today, on Saturday 21st September, live stream of the 24-hour global transmission (including a historic concert in front of the Peace Palace in The Hague) will be available here on It’s Good News Week.

Founded in 1999 by Jeremy Gilley, Peace One Day is a non-profit organisation which aims to make 21 September, an annual day of global unity. He figured that “When you build a house, you start with one brick. If we want to build peace, we should start with one day”.

In 2001 the member states of the United Nations unanimously adopted the first ever annual day of global ceasefire and non-violence on 21 September – Peace Day. On Peace Day in Afghanistan there was a 70% recorded reduction in violent incidents (source: United Nations Department of Safety and Security).

Dogs Help Save Crash Victim

drawing by Pearson Scott Foresman

Two Dobermans used their keen sense of hearing to locate a car that had crashed more than a mile away. They dragged their owners to the secluded country road in Shropshire where the driver was trapped in her over-turned car.

Proud owner, trainee army officer Sam Lewis remarked “They might not look as cute as Lassie but they are just as heroic in our eyes.”

drawing by: Pearson Scott Foresman

Child Soldiers Rescued from the Militia in DR Congo

image by Rei-artur

Over 80 child soldiers have been freed following negotiations between the UN and militia groups operating in the province of Katanga in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

A total of 163 children have been freed since the start of the year through the combined efforts of the UN and child-protection agencies in the province.

image by: Rei-artur

Significant Reduction in Crime

photo by AlteregoThere were 69 armed robberies of banks, building societies and post offices in England and Wales last year, compared with 500 a year in the 1990s. Last year fewer than 10,000 cars were stolen in New York, compared with around 147,000 in 1990.
photo by: Alterego