Primark Profits: £65m Donated to Charity

The Weston family has donated the majority of this years £82m dividends to the Garfield Weston Foundation, which supports arts and education charities.


Drinking Water from the Air

A Peruvian university has been working with designers to create the world’s first billboard with a tap. The billboard showcases some of the technology used to create clean drinking water from humid air, and incorporates a water generator and a reserve tank that can hold 96 litres.

This innovative project provides some of Lima’s residents with a viable alternative to drawing water from wells, which can get polluted. Lima is the 22nd largest capital in the world with population figures that are similar to London. There is little rain there but atmospheric humidity can reach 98%.

Volunteers Rescue their Local Store from Closure

The 370-year-old village store in Itteringham, Norfolk has been rescued from closure by more than 50 volunteers who have joined a rota to stack shelves, serve customers and keep it going.

This heartwarming enterprise is one of 301 community shops in Britain, with a further 204 in the pipeline. The trend is being driven by The Plunkett Foundation, a charity that helps improve rural livelihoods through co-operatives and social enterprise.