Dwindling Fish Stocks Given Massive Boost


“After decades with a policy that has been a terrible failure, we now have a reform that will repair the damage done”, announced German MEP, Ulrike Rodust, adding that the new policy would lead to “more fish in the water and more jobs in the industry”.

EU member states have at last agreed the outlines of a tough Common Fisheries Policy. For the first time there is a commitment to set quotas based on scientific advice that aim to go beyond the stabilisation of fish stocks to the achievement of growth. Crucially, from 2015, boats will be forbidden from discarding unwanted dead fish.

Greenpeace acknowledged that “for all its loopholes and sluggish timelines the policy has the potential to turn Europe’s destructive and oversized fishing industry into a sustainable, low-impact sector.” The leader of Fish Fight hailed the deal as a “tremendous achievement”, and the fishing industry acknowledged that a corner had been turned.



photo by: Peter Southwood


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