Mental and Physical Health of 90-Somethings Shown to be Improving Significantly

photo by Ann Gordon

A new large-scale study published in The Lancet contradicts the assumption that a longer old age will inevitably be accompanied by more ill health.

In 1998 researchers in Denmark assessed 2,262 people born in 1905, when they were aged 92 to 93, using a series of thorough mental and physical tests designed to assess factors such as memory, grip strength and mobility. In 2010 a further 1,584 people born in 1915, when they were aged 94 to 95, were assessed using the same tests. Despite being 2 years older, those born in 1915  scored significantly better than those born in 1905 on both the cognitive tests and the activities of daily living score, demonstrating that they were mentally much sharper and found day-to-day life easier.

photo by: Ann Gordon


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