Your Chance to #OwnTheMedia @positivenewsuk

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Positive News is launching a Community Share Offer. This is your chance to become one of its owners and help change the news for good.

For the last 22 years Positive News has pioneered global journalism that shines a light on kindness, cooperation, creativity and innovation. They’ve brought stories of positive change to hundreds of thousands of people and increasingly, they are inspiring other media as well.

But, like every news organisation, they have to adapt. They need to innovate to become sustainable and to meet the growing demand for their journalism. And just like they have pioneered a more positive form of journalism, they are now pioneering a new way to run a media business.

They’re becoming the first crowdfunded global media cooperative; owned by their readers and journalists. And they want you to be part of it!

Wherever you are in the world you can buy shares from as little as £50 if you invest before 8th July 2015. In the first 10 days they have already achieved 45% of their £200,000 target! I’ve invested, will you?

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