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I don’t advocate burying your head and pretending that nothing ever needs fixing. But I do think that the national press seems to revel in bad news, and that quite a lot of what is reported isn’t actually what has happened but is just what MIGHT happen! What I’d like to see is less sensationalism and more balance. When something positive happens I like to celebrate! That’s what I aim to do here.

It’s the drip-drip effect of what is selected for us to read in the news that I find so scary. Most people have heard of the placebo effect, but fewer are familiar with the nocebo effect (including Microsoft Word spell-check, which suggests notebook or nosebag!). If you’re unfamiliar with the powerful effects of both then I recommend that you read The Biology of Belief by cell biologist Dr. Bruce Lipton. What you read, see and hear can affect not only how you think and behave but even the chemistry of your body! This was recently backed up by research conducted by scientists at Ohio University, who found that simply dwelling on stressful events raised the level of C-reactive protein in the blood, which can increase inflammation in the body, weaken the immune system and attack healthy body tissue. Not good!

I don’t have a lot of time available to write posts, but if you’re anything like me then you won’t want to be deluged with lots more to read; just enough to act as a gentle reminder that some amazingly good stuff does happen as well. Click the Follow button up on the right-hand side to receive posts by email (max 1 per week), or follow on Twitter or Facebook. I might sometimes be a bit late with the news items, but better late than to miss them forever. And the blog itself will gradually build as concrete evidence that there really is hope! Please pass it on by word of mouth and via social media.

If you do have a bit more time available for reading then I recommend that you also follow the newspaper Positive News or fellow bloggers Jolly Good News and Finally Good News.

Have a good week!



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