Good News & Goodbye!


I was really pleased to spot an article in the Brighton & Hove Independent last month entitled ‘That’s Good News!: The Argus will try to look on the Bright Side of Life’. It seems that sales have declined from 100,000 to less than 6,000 copies a day, and the Argus have identified that their depressing focus on drink, drugs, crime, violence and traffic chaos might have something to do with it! They have promised to print at least two articles a day that are uplifting. I see that as progress 🙂

It’s been almost a year since I began this project and I hope that during that time I’ve helped to demonstrate that good things do happen even if they don’t always feature very prominently in the newspapers. I now find that I’m busier than ever and am unable to publish news items on any sort of a regular basis, so I’ve regretfully decided to end this blog. A big thank you to all of you for reading my blog, to Jolly Good News for re-blogging some of my posts, and to fellow blogger Imi for the awesome painting of my adorable cat!

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painting by: Imi Woods


Art in Place of Adverts

Art Everywhere

Online voting opened this week to shortlist 50 of the 100 works of art that have been selected to turn the UK into the ‘world’s biggest gallery’. 15,000 billboard spaces across the UK have been donated for the project for 2 weeks in August (10th-25th). The collection reflects works of British artists in UK collections; a mix of historic, modern and contemporary artworks where copyright was granted and high resolution images were available for BIG posters.

The idea for Art Everywhere came to Richard Reed as he was walking to work in Shepherds Bush and spotted a beautiful picture with no title or logo on a poster site, which he noted “put a bounce into my step – there is something so nourishing, exciting and surprising in seeing art in places you wouldn’t necessarily expect to see it.”