Florist Re-Kindles Romance in Mogadishu


For the last 20 years the Somali capital of Mogadishu has been synonymous with war and suffering – and yet this year, 25 year-old Mohamed Mohamoud Sheik opened the country’s first florist!

Sheik’s aim is to bring back romance to the city and enable young couples to rekindle the courtship rituals of their parents. He also plans to beautify the city with trees, green spaces and children’s playgrounds, and has already set up a dry cleaning company that donates a percentage of its profits to charity.

photo by: Steve Larkinson


Clean Up The World Weekend

image by Marvel (based upon a NASA image)

This weekend (20th-22nd Sep), now in its 21st year, CUTW 2013 will include such activities as planting trees, cleaning parks or beaches, conserving water or running environmental awareness-raising and education initiatives – whatever the local need might be.

It began in 1987 when Ian Kiernan, having seen the devastating effects of rubbish and pollution, decided it was time to take action. In 1990 the first national, community-based clean up day was organised in his home country of Australia. In 1993 Clean Up the World was launched with the support of the United Nations Environment Programme and 30 million people in 80 countries were mobilised.

image by: Marvel (based upon a NASA image)

Dogs Help Save Crash Victim

drawing by Pearson Scott Foresman

Two Dobermans used their keen sense of hearing to locate a car that had crashed more than a mile away. They dragged their owners to the secluded country road in Shropshire where the driver was trapped in her over-turned car.

Proud owner, trainee army officer Sam Lewis remarked “They might not look as cute as Lassie but they are just as heroic in our eyes.”

drawing by: Pearson Scott Foresman